What is Linguify?

Linguify redefines translation of Websites and Applications. Linguify is completely external solution.
No change to the source code or database is required. The solution combines patented technologies with managed language services. It is Quick, Easy, Effortless and Cost-Effective.

Meet Your Global Aspirations

Linguify helps you collaborate on a global scale. Our unparalleled technology and managed services help you quickly create the most local content possible. We help you grow your market share by translating your customer touch points, viz. websites, web applications, collaterals, documents, brochures, media, plus whatever you need. You acquire new customers and retain them. Grow with Linguify!

Realize Significant Cost Savings

With Linguify end to end managed language services, you drastically reduce the expenditures associated with maintaining localization teams.Linguify automates content collection . No need to manually copy and paste contents into document files. It also automates and expedites word count estimation. That way, you do not spend time and resources in estimating your translation needs. In case of website translation, Linguify also controls costs by completely eliminating the need to internationalize (i18n) and localize (l10n) website contents.

Accelerated Time to Market

Putting simply, traditional translation solutions do not work. They require too much work – copying and pasting the contents, long drawn spreadsheets for estimation, assessing the i18n readiness, externalizing the strings, endless localization team meetings and moving deadlines meetings. Sounds too familiar? Depending on the scope of translation, a typical conventional website localization project runs into 6-12 months. Engage with Linguify faster to get results sooner. Too few business managers know the status of their translation projects. You get the visibility of your translation project in weeks, not months!

Amazingly Non-disruptive

With Linguify, you’ve a one stop solution for all your multilingual needs with no operational overheads. Linguify does not interfere with your existing business processes and IT systems. Linguify can work independent of ALL. We manage your translation and localization projects independently with no intervention needed from your IT staff or business managers.

Updated Website Contents

In case of website translation, for most web pages, the contents keep changing. They are updated frequently, even hourly. Linguify keeps the content updated at all times with its set of fully automated crawlers. The crawlers continuously monitor and capture changed contents. Linguify updates the translated contents on the website as and when they’re released. This way, your translated website is always in sync with your original website contents.

And Wait, There's Even More!

Installed Base

We have a long experience in providing translation solutions. Linguify has been extensively used by large number of enterprises in India and globally. It enjoys an installed base of more than 150 customers and more than one million satisfied users. Linguify is soon becoming the de-facto translation standard in the industry.

Add More Languages

With Linguify, you can get your contents translated into 140+ languages. You can add more languages now, later...anytime!