No Change to the Source Code or Database

Get the “No Change” Advantage. With Linguify solution, you do not need to make ANY changes to your website, web application, enterprise application or mobile application. It does not touch the source code or database or configuration. It has zero dependency on the multilingual capabilities of your website or application. As Linguify is completely external, one does not need to maintain duplicate translation tables as well.

Patented and Certified

Linguify solutions have been checked independent agencies and vetted and certified for Security, Code stability and Component usage. All Linguify technology components are built on several patented and patent pending technologies. Our meaningful innovations have continuously improved the translation lifecycle experience for all of our customers.

Zero Risk, Safe and Secure

In case of website translation, Linguify solution does not make any change to the website source code or database. It even does not touch your website configuration. That is why it is a zero risk implementation. The solutions is not web facing and sits behind your enterprise firewall/switch. Because of this, At all times, your translated website is protected from unauthorized users and translated web data safeguarded at all times.

Translates Pages from Any Platform or CMS

Websites range from simple static pages to complex web applications. These are developed on a myriad of platforms. Linguify translates web pages generated by any web development platform JSP, ASP, PHP etc. It also translates web pages generated by Content Management Systems such as Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress etc. You need not worry about the development platform of your website or your website’s multilingual capabilities. Linguify translates web pages from ALL platforms.

Delivers High Performance

A key challenge in delivering multilingual websites and web apps to a global audience is that they need to get consistent, fast page load times. Linguify delivers translated web pages with low latency. With Linguify, the latency times have been recorded in the range of 200 to 500 milliseconds, even when the web page traffic volumes were quite high.

Robust, Open Source and Certified

Linguify leverages robust license free open source technology. It is an Apache based solution that supports multiple operating systems and browsers. It has practically no dependence on any proprietary or restricted usage technologies.

Superior Flexibility in Deployment

Linguify can be easily configured for multiple server landscapes and load balancers. We offer multiple deployment options to meet your needs. Linguify can be deployed inside your data center/shared hosting server/dedicated server. It can be deployed on Linux Enterprise Server/Windows Server/VM. Any recent server hardware configuration can be used for deployment of Linguify.

Ultra High Performance Automated Crawlers

With Linguify, high performance automated crawler(s) flag website changes and provide newly added texts for translation. Another set of built-in Linguify solutions perform translation updates. This way, there is no difference in your original website contents and the translated website contents.

Translates Web UI and Web Data

Linguify translates all web page UI elements including all forms of web data such as checkbox labels, radio button labels, button captions, dropdown list data, list box data, buttons, toggles, text fields and their captions, date fields, icons, images, tooltips, popups/modal windows, messages, notifications/alerts, search field contents etc.

Translates Fast-moving Dynamic Contents

To start with, dynamic contents are the contents that are inserted into the webpage on-the-fly. It has been observed that the extent of dynamic contents on web pages has been growing exponentially. These contents are embedded inside web elements such as HTML/XML, JSON/XHR, and JavaScript etc. The challenge is locating and extracting dynamic contents embedded inside these elements. With Linguify’s fully automated set of crawlers, dynamic contents from all types of web data sources can be extracted and translated.

Translates SSO, Multi-Domain, Post Login pages

Because of the variations in application design and types of architectures, localization of websites is sometimes not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Most translation solutions are capable of localizing simple URLs and single domains but are not equipped to localize websites with SSO. In the SSO approach, the user needs to sign in only once into the primary domain. The primary domain then passes on the authentication to the secondary domain. It is imperative that any localization project that handles SSO should also include localization of primary (SSO layer) as well as secondary domain pages. Linguify can translate web pages in the primary domain (SSO) as well as pages in the secondary domain.

Installed on Server, Zero Client Footprint

Linguify does not need any installation on any device – PC, tablet or mobile. It is installed on the server and serves translated websites directly from the server.