Server Solution for Websites and Web Apps

The Linguify Server solution translates web pages of any website or web application. The solution can be deployed on a wide variety of server landscapes and IT infrastructures. It sits behind the firewall and thus keeps your translated web data safeguarded.

Desktop and Plugin Solution for Enterprise Apps

The Linguify Desktop & plugin solution translates application screens and reports and can be installed on PC/Desktop. It has been endorsed globally and translates screens and reports of any enterprise application.

Mobile Library Solution for Mobile Apps

The Linguify Mobile solution translates your mobile application text and data. The switching between the languages can be real time based on menu selection. The library solution is integrated into the mobile application at build time. The library translates mobile UI, Application data and also performs dictionary updates.

Report Solution for On-line Printing and PDF

The Linguify Report solution translates on-screen reports and direct-to-print reports (supports high speed printing) in multiple formats such as PDF etc. The solution also converts single language reports into bilingual reports, generates multilingual reports from raw data and can also translate batch reports.

End-to-End Managed Services

Our Managed Services include: project estimation, performing text and resources extraction by setting up fully automated crawlers, capturing web page resources, solution configuration for custom data extraction, translation of text/images/media, one time installation and deployment of solution and publishing and releasing translation memory packages. After go-live, our services also include ongoing monitoring of page or screen changes (delta) and translation of delta contents.

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