5 benefits of having a multilingual website

Benefts of Multiningual website

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “No man should travel until he has learned the language of the country he visits.”

We are in a world of diversity – whether it is language, food, culture or life style. As we try to come closer, there comes an urge to find something that is common – something that can build the connect.

Businesses understand this well and hence the trend of “localising” customer experiences get utmost important. Businesses that have a clear vision of expansion and long-term sustainability adapt themselves to speak customer “language”.

Here are the 5 reasons why “localised” language is critical for any business:

It is your magic stick to expand geographies

According to Wikipedia, India claims to be the second largest English speaking country in the world, first being USA. However the total percentage of population conversant in English in only 10% that belongs to urban India. This indicates that there is a huge scope to capture the rural market with remaining 90% of the population by offering services in localised languages.

It builds trust

Customer awareness has increased multi-fold due to penetration of digital technologies. They seek more than before, their satisfaction index has risen. Localised language not only brings the extra flair of comfort in the customer buying journey but also serves as a strong differentiator in the competitive market place. Customers stay loyal towards brands that understand their language.

It creates community and word of mouth

Word of mouth has been the proven way of marketing to create brand equity. Customers trust referrals more than exploring new options themselves. Social influence plays a major role in customer buying process and word of mouth hits the nail just right there. From a long term perspective, it also helps build a community that stay loyal to your brand and act as brand ambassadors marketing you without any investment.

It showcases you as a customer-centric brand

A multilingual website showcases that you understand your customer. It shows that you have given a thought to their comfort and convenience and their user experience matters to you. This creates an unspoken bond between your brand and your customers which leads to business and customer satisfaction.

It leads to increased sales

Ultimately, it is numbers that matter for every business. Every localised version of your website increases your reach to potential customers and untapped market. This helps business continuity and indirect marketing of your brand.

In a nutshell, business owners with long-term goals and a vision to create a differentiation understand that making a connect with the customer in the language of their choice is the way to success.

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