Language Localization & Translation Solutions for the BFSI (Banking Finance Securities Insurance) Industry.

LinguaSol helps the FinTech & BFSI firms to engage with the end customer & deliver the services in their local languages


Banking & Insurance firms need to reach-out & explain the range of products & services to the new rural customers, first- time bank account or policy holders & the new internet users.

Due to geographical diversity, distances and technological advances, these new users prefer reaching out to banks through mobile, internet, ATM or support call centers.

One of the key requirements of these new users is to access the information in local languages. Outsourcing of systems for Localization, standardization of terminology, rolling out these systems and later version maintenance is cumbersome and challenging for the already burdened IT & systems dept of each firm.

How We Can Help

LinguaSol has been working with banks & insurance firms for more than 10+ years and has the necessary domain expertise to localize the core banking & lately internet banking solutions using its flagship Linguify product.

Linguify can localize the UI (user interface) of any web /enterprise /desktop /mobile application in any language without the need to modify the underlying source code or database thereby freeing a major IT effort on the client side.

The translation itself is manual and hence quality, standardization of terminology can be assured. Since the solution is external middleware, this is the most secure and speedy way to localize systems in a span of 6- 8 weeks.

Localization of Leading Enterprise Software

Customer: A leading insurance firm in Vietnam that provides various personal and corporate insurance services. The firm has around 83 branches and 169 transaction offices. The firm decided to implement one of the leading product quotation management solutions.

Problem: Required to offer the product quotation management system UI (user interface) and Reports (for both the desktop and web browser based clients) in Vietnamese


  • Source code level modification not possible / not desired due to 3rd party product
  • Localization and rollout needed under 10 weeks
  • Localization of UI for both web & thick client as well as desktop / cloud solution
  • Involvement of multiple parties with different priorities
  • Changing requirements due to ongoing product implementation
  • Distributed teams
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