Does incomplete mean ugly in the digital world?

Digital world

In my last few posts, I highlighted the fact why businesses should localise themselves to expand market reach and customer base.

Truly, there are enormous benefits in doing so. Language is a powerful tool to connect with your target audience and build rapport.

However, most websites fail to keep the momentum of updating localised versions of their digital properties.

Government of India mandates to have official websites of each and every department in Indian languages as well, English version being the primary site. While launching the websites, content is typically up to date in English versions as well as Indian languages version. However, as time passes, the updates happen only on the main site.

Localised versions are often forgotten or not given priority.

This results in mismatch in original data and data displayed on the local website, missing sections and information etc and can lead to confusion in the consumer’s mind.

There are websites that have localised versions, however, use English words for labels, menus etc. From a user experience perspective, this does not give professional look to the website and creates negative branding for the organisation.

Also, the entire process of getting English text translated to other various languages and then add to the platform is tedious, which is another reason why it is neglected.

Our solution – Linguify – helps you overcome this problem. Our patented technology translated dynamic and static data on your website without touching the source code. it works with any CMS or platform and also has the capability to translate SSO, login pages, web UI and web forms.

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