Global Enterprise and Technology Platform Localization

Redefining localization for ever-evolving technology industry


Enterprise technology firms need to expand into different geographies to quickly increase the user base and scale up.
Certain challenges with going into different geographies –

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Difficult to predict as to which geography will give the desired numbers – resulting in a huge upfront investment.

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Europe – Asia – Middle-east all require local language localization.

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For the Initial few prospect clients, it is difficult to provide them with the localized version of the software while without POC (proof of concept) or without something to show, the client doesn’t sign up. This becomes a catch-22 situation for startups as well as enterprise technology solution firms.

How can we help

LinguaSol has been working with global technology firms for more than 10+ years and has the necessary expertise to localize the enterprise technology platforms using its flagship Linguify product.

Linguify can localize the UI (user interface) of any web /enterprise /desktop /mobile application in any language without the need to modify the underlying source code or database thereby freeing a major IT effort on the client side.

The translation itself is manual and hence quality, standardization of terminology can be assured. Since the solution is external middleware, this is the most secure and speedy way to localize systems in a span of 6- 8 weeks.

Using Linguify, the client has an option to localize few UI screens which can be shown to the client. This way the upfront pre-sales and market development cost can be reduced dramatically.

Localization of Leading Enterprise Software

Customer: A leading enterprise software firm has developed a product focused on the insurance industry and plans to open the Japan market.

Problem: The enterprise software has more than 450 screens. There are no current clients or references in Japan. Without localization, the prospects are not willing to consider even POC or initial trials.

  • Localizing 450+ screens
  • Localization and rollout needed under 4 weeks
  • Control costs as HQ unwilling to allocate budget for new market entry

LinguaSol worked with the client to localize 40 screens in Japanese covering 2 major workflows in a span of 4 weeks. Linguify was hosted in LinguaSol’ s cloud environment thereby limiting the initial upfront costs. The client sales team was able to reach out and demo localized version of the enterprise software thereby allowing the firm to open a new difficult market like Japan at controlled costs.

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