Ordering food through a food app has become a routine for us. But, for delivery app owners, the concern is that of penetrating the regional markets, wherein, still, these apps are yet to make their mark. LinguaSol’s helps localize food apps in the most locally relevant manner, thus ensuring that your app makes the desired impact within the targeted audience. Scroll down to know more about the different aspects about the localization of food delivery apps.

Need for Food App Localization

Food apps are the most widely used apps, as these food-delivery and its apps influence the routine eating habits of millions of citizens across the world. A food app, regardless of whether it offers 50% discounts or 70%, or whatever, if it isn’t interacting with the user in his/ her native language, perhaps, it isn’t being user-friendly and could disappear in thin air sooner or later. Yes, localization has become that critical, as, besides the urban population, the tier 2 or somewhat rural population as well is turning digital, and which is why the audience requires localized apps that would speak and offer information in their own language.

Challenges and Advantages of Localization in Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery apps, perhaps, would have more challenges than other apps, as they deal with the most fundamental requirement of every human-being, and that is food! Here are some of the most common challenges that every food delivery, when ventures into localization, could face.

  • Localized Menus:

    The largest challenge is that with localizing menus and presenting them in a way that would attract the local users, and the visual appeal that would encourage them to order food through the app. However, this requires detailed research of the local competitors along with the targeted consumer base and their buying habits. Subsequently, conducting a large-scale market survey to compute the exact requirement is both, time as well as resource consuming, but necessary.

  • Eating Habits and Preferences:

    While dealing with a particular region, the real challenge is with knowing the food preferences. For a predominantly vegetarian market or region, listing non-veg restaurants or flashing non-vegetarian food offers could be a major turn down. So, here again, the challenge is with knowing the market, and for which investments required could be quite huge.

  • Local Restaurant Listings:

    This one too could be challenging given the number of restaurants in and around the city. Listing a local restaurant isn’t as simple, as it requires a thorough study of the restaurant, reviewing its quality, and then listing it for a particular area, perhaps, which falls within the 30-40 minutes range.

  • Continuous Localization:

    Localization, particularly in the case of food delivery apps, is a continuous process. With the addition of new restaurants, new food offers, and almost daily addition to the menus, it becomes imperative for food delivery app owners or operators to localize new content as and when required and revamp or redevelop the existing one after regular intervals.

Advantages of Food Delivery App Localization

The following are some advantages of localizing food delivery app from the user as well as the business owner’s (app and restaurant) viewpoint.

  • Tapping regional consumers

  • Influencing consumer food ordering habits through extremely localized and personalized content.

  • Locally relevant visual appeal and food offer listings helping consumers make quick and informed choices

  • Personalized bonding with every consumer using the app.

  • Restaurants too can reach more consumers, otherwise which could be a challenge to have them in-person at the restaurant.

  • Localization creates more consumers and more consumers foster association with more restaurants, and vice versa.

  • Time to Linguify!

    LinguaSol is the right partner when it comes to localizing apps and websites. LinguaSol’s experience with almost every industry type, regardless whether it is manufacturing or service, gives it the upper hand of localizing every app/ website/ document/ report, etc. to fulfill the needs of the local consumers as well as that of the clients. Deployment of the latest linguistic techniques and technologies ensure that the translation and localization don’t appear mechanical, but involves the much-required human touch in order to establish long-running human connections. For more information, get in touch with LinguaSol



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