Localization is one of the virtual solutions that serve the endeavors of reaching the vernacular or the interior chunk of an audience of a particular country when it comes to health care. A localized app and a well-designed and translated localized website, could help the targeted audience in a better manner, and also acquaint them with the latest locally available healthcare facilities, perhaps, of which, they weren’t aware until now, or did not have access to. LinguaSol’s experts contribute to these objectives through the most perfect and market-based translation and localization services. Scroll down to know more on LinguaSol’s linguistic services.

Healthcare Localization – Need and the Industry Trends

Healthcare services are the most basic of all. This establishes the primary need why healthcare documents, reports, and services must be localized. As English forms the fundamental language of medical documents, it could be a challenge for the non-English speakers to understand a lot of terms, abbreviation, definitions, and medical nomenclature. Speaking from the commercial point of view, localization gives an opportunity for healthcare providers across the world to reach the interior or remote regions of a particular country, and help them with the access to world-class healthcare facilities and information.

Challenges and Advantages of Healthcare Localization

Localizing healthcare is an extremely critical task. Here, you cannot do without healthcare experts. Besides, it is necessary that the experts are well-versed with medical terminologies, and moreover, are able to translate them, in turn, for the targeted audience to be able to comprehend it. Here are some of the localization challenges in healthcare.

  • Medical Terminologies, Word Compounding, and Abbreviations: Medical services and literature are comprised of a lot of abbreviations, terminologies, and so on. Well, that’s not the real challenge! The real challenge lies is to make the non-English speaking targeted audience understand these terms in their own language, as English forms the root language of all the modern medical terminologies and abbreviations. Here, localization experts must be aware of the commonly understood English terms amongst the targeted populace.
  • Medical Translation Specialization: Finding the right and dedicated medical translator could be a challenge. However, what’s even challenging is finding translators who specialize in a particular medical service/ field. For instance, individual translating orthopedic documents, perhaps, would not be able to translate documents speaking about, say cardiology.
  • Variety of Documents: Healthcare translation isn’t confined to localizing apps or websites. It also comprises translating critical research papers, documents, ancient medical literature, reports, etc. All these documents come with their individual requirement for localization. The policy – one size fits for all doesn’t work here, and therefore, it is imperative that localization companies hire people who are specialized in localizing these lengthy and complex documents, good enough to be understood by the targeted audience.

Advantages of Localization in Healthcare

There are several visible and invisible advantages that localization results in the healthcare industry. Some of the common ones though are given below.

  • Consumers gaining access to world-class healthcare infrastructure and information
  • Increase in the comprehension levels of medical literature within the targeted audience.
  • Localized apps and websites foster ease of navigation and therefore better usage of the virtual platforms.
  • Opening regional doors for the healthcare companies to penetrate the internal untapped markets of a particular country.
  • Creates a trustworthy platform for the targeted audience to make informed decisions when it comes to availing healthcare services.

 How does LinguaSol help in Healthcare Localization?

As a comprehensive healthcare localization services provider, LinguaSol helps with translating a variety of documents including medical reports, journals, e-applications, websites, a wide range of medical documents, including PDFs, spreadsheets, etc. LinguaSol offers products that facilitate translations in the most organized manner. LinguaSol’s USP lies in the manual checks that don’t rely on mechanizing translations but execute it in a way that connects with the targeted audience, thus creating the required impact and making knowledge-transfer possible a blissful experience. It employs translation/ localization experts that specialize in the translating medical documents that offer a blend of automated and human translations in a timely manner. 



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