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As a media company, it is always a challenge to find the right target consumer audience for your client’s products or services and then helping them talk or convey the message in the end consumer’s or buyer’s preferred choice of language. It is a well-known fact that a buyer tends to notice or read something when presented in his /her own language and then perhaps make a decision. This is proven by the fact that the regional newspapers sell as much as 5 times the volume then the English dailies in India. At the same time, if not done right the first time, this could result in loss of brand, goodwill and market share.

As LinguaSol, we work closely with media firms such as yours and support you with the linguistics & translation solutions needed to address the above. Our technology prowess makes this translation available over APIs or through easy to access systems so much so that it is a seamless service experience for your team and they get more time to focus on client while leaving the language and allied parts to us.

Our LinguaMT solution suite can localize your platforms and engagement channels in any Indian languages with reasonable quality and speed. Be it a website, SMS or mailing platform, your mobile app, your social media channel, or a news or information kiosk – we have solutions for all and work closely with clients to deliver solutions for the same.

What we promise is speed, linguistic quality and cost effectivity which is required to deliver solutions to meet the every changing demands of the consumer.

Our solutions are external ie the client does not have to change any system or do any major changes at your end and can safely leave it to localization professionals.

With an in-house team of translators, we can control the quality, speed & schedule of translations.

So be it digital or print solutions, LinguaSol solution and services can help you

Better engage your clients to their target communities and buyers in their own language thereby better positioning of the products and services Increase the reach of your connect and thereby potential client’s market share

Reduce the stress of customer support and after sales costs for your clients by allowing them to connect with their clients in their own language

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