LinguaMT showcased at the Digital Conclave Mumbai

LinguaMT showcased at the Digital Conclave Mumbai

Fidel Softech together with LinguaSol ( and FIXSOL ( team had participated in the recent Digital Payment & FinTech conference held in Mumbai. Attended by banks, NBFCs and various tech companies, interesting discussions and group discussions were held.

Rajeevlochan Phadke (CTO LinguaSol) talked regarding the urgent need of supporting the digital payment and other FinTech banking solutions in local languages and thereby giving a holistic UX to the end user. While referring to the recent Google study that more than 80% new technology Indian users prefer contents other than in English language. It was observed that while some companies have introduced localized apps, finding those apps on English Google store in itself is a hindrance for a normal user.

Then LinguaMT the premier solution from LinguaSol was showcased. LinguaMT is a modularized AI based solution for Indian and foreign languages that has a combination of following tech:

  • 3rd party Machine translation (MT)
  • Phonetic translation for nouns or names
  • Templatized document or PDF translator (for banks, insurance firms, PSUs who send regular statements to users in the form of templatized documents)
  • SMS translator / reader (especially for banks or organizations who regularly update users using SMS).

LinguaMT received a warm welcome from the attendees and many digital payment firms showed interest in clubbing it with their existing solutions. Further LinguaMT was also voted the “Best Technology of the Year” award as it cut across different verticals and horizontals in the FInTech industry and allowed all participants come closer to the consumer.

LinguaSol is in currently working closely with mobile OEM manufacturers as well as key banks and FinTech organizations to meet their demands to reach out to local consumers in their local languages and thereby creating a rich and seamless user experience.

Besides this, FIXSOL showcased its mobile solutions for e-KYC, blockchain and other digital payment services.

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