Localised UX: fad or need?

Localised Ux for websites

Translating is writing,” said French writer Marguerite Yourcenar.

Today we are in the age where we can also say, translating is designing.

With advancements in technology, digital penetration and increased competition, companies are spending sky scraping budget and time on user experience of their digital properties.

Surveys say that 86% of mobile app users and about similar number of online users would not return to the website or application if they struggle finding information or navigating.

Hence, UX becomes a critical factor for increasing engagements and conversation for businesses.

Companies like ESPN.com asked their users about their expectations from the website and incorporated changes, which led them to 35% growth revenue, according to a report.

Websites, applications are developed giving UX the highest priority.

However, today’s UX is not restricted to design and look and feel. UX has transformed into what what users understand, analyse and react to the information provided.

Hence, providing text with the language they understand enhances UX multifold.

3 key points to keep in mind while integrating UX in websites or applications are:

Thorough review

While translating text, a thorough review of content is very important. Sometimes word-to-word translation or translations through softwares do not convey the desired message.

Cultural sensitivity

Localised UX is a bunch of whole new localised experience, hence it is important that it matches with the local culture, beliefs and lifestyle. This applies to translated words, images used, graphics, navigation etc.


To maintain a consistent brand image, it is also imperative that the localised UX matches with the global look and feel and correspond like a family design.


Many a times, content changes and updates happen on the global site and the localised versions are forgotten. This gives an incomplete look to the localised versions as they lack updated information.

Localised website is a cost-effective marketing tool to grow the reach of your business.

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