Myths VS Realities about using Translation Softwares

translation softwares myths vs realities

We are in a software driven world. Advancements in technology are making life easy for professionals to accomplish their work efficiently and with ease. Processes that are completely manual can slow down productivity and also creates level of frustration.

Localisation is one such example. A typical manual localisation process has multiple steps starting from collating content in an excel sheet, coordinating with translation vendor, replacing the original content with translated content and then having a thorough QA check.

There are more human interventions here and hence chances of things going wrong are very high.

Imagine a situation where you have the ability to reduce the entire localisation process using a software. Not only there will be a significant savings on time, but also on the efforts and cost spent on the entire process.

Though said, there are a lot of myths that surround use of translation softwares:

Myth 1: Accuracy of translations using software is a concern

This would have been true a decade ago when translation softwares were evolving. There are much more advancements and technical edge softwares have gained now to maintain high quality output.

Myth 2: Translation softwares are not user-friendly

There are multiple softwares available in the market that provide translations. A thorough evaluation will help you finalise a software that suits best your needs and compliments your localisation goals.

Myth 3: Support provided by translation softwares is not upto the mark

Again, as mentioned above, support is one of the key areas in evaluating any software. There are softwares that come with a strong support team to resolve your problems and also provide support services in translations.

Overall, leveraging technology and getting the best out of it is the smart way of working in today’s digital world.

Linguify – our next-gen localisation software has helped many websites and applications spread industry-wide achieve their localisation goals in a timely and cost-effective manner. Its unique feature of translating web content without touching the source code, makes it the most promising software for your translation needs. Backed up by a fully-equipped support staff, Linguify comes in multiple customised packages to best suit your needs.

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