PDF Extractor for Translators – How to Get PDF Content into Structured Data

PDF Extractor for Translators

One cannot discount the significance and utility of machine translations in the modern context; however, the inability towards structuring unstructured data received from PDF files hampers the machine translation process, further causing the translation to go haywire, or perhaps, not yielding the desired results. LinguaSol’s eXtract works as a sure shot solution helping eradicate the obstacles and at the same time enhance the machine translation process. This blog would focus on how eXtract helps get PDF content into the form of structured data.

The Pain Area Associated with PDF Extraction for Translators

Modern day businesses generate humongous volumes of data every moment. While machine translations translate a majority of the data chunk, a considerable part of it, especially the one received through PDF files, and that too in an unstructured manner, becomes a road-block for machine translations. It becomes a challenge to extract the unstructured forms of data and to further translate it. Since PDFs are deemed to thrive in the modern business environments for a long time to come, the need for an efficient PDF tool for translators becomes imperative. LinguaSol’s eXtract addresses this requirement in an organized manner, thus helping the translation mechanism to extract the required chunks of unstructured data and convert them into translation-ready documents, thereby augmenting the translation process.

The Usual Process of Content Extraction

Before delving into the details of eXtract, let us first take a look at the usual, conventional or bluntly, the more inefficient process (in the modern context!) process of getting PDF content into structured data. Typically, in a PDF file, data is structured into 1, 2 or 4 columns. In case of a two-column text, in contrast to the efficient process that places one text below the other, standard tools incorporate text thereby making it time-consuming as well as expensive to realign the format, let alone the manual efforts required to make all of this possible. Modern PDF tools for mechanical translations simplify the process, out of which eXtract is amongst the most efficient ones. Let us now look at how eXtract simplifies data structuring and prepares the document for translation, in turn simplifying the translation process as well.

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How does LinguaSol eXtract helps Structure Data

The solution is quite simple, yet effective and practically useful. LinguaSol eXtract picks out the required data in a way that the sentence structure is kept as is, and organize the translation process. However, that’s not even half the story! There are multiple features that make eXtract a break-through innovation bettering translations, and eventually, enhancing localizations. LinguaSol eXtract works best for the banking and financial institutions that deal with huge PDF files and require translation services on a very large scale. It proves to be a great tool for reports, HR forms, invoices, purchase orders, etc. received in PDF format.

Features of LinguaSol eXtract

The list of tools for language translators is exhaustive. However, LinguaSol eXtract, with its excellent and enterprise-friendly features, LinguaSol eXtract stands out with a difference! It expedites the localization process through an approach that allows sending multiple requests to a website at once. Besides, eXtract facilitates data extraction and data filtration through the entire website. Moreover, it helps maintain document authenticity through the retention of paragraph identities, thereby retaining the structural integrity of the source data.

PDF eXtract proves to be a multi-utility tool that allows selecting the required excerpt out of the available data, thus not requiring incurring time in translating anything that isn’t really needed. Also, it is capable of handling legacy document formats, along with multiple forms of encoding, thus making it a truly reliable and comprehensive data extraction partner for translators.

PDFs are a useful platform to store and present useful business information, and therefore needless to say that enterprises would not cease to use PDF for several years to come. But given the challenges that PDF data offer in the context of translation, and at the same time, since localization becomes imperative in the modern-day business, it is necessary for business owners to resort to PDF extraction tools like LinguaSol eXtract. The point being, the eventual objective of localization shouldn’t suffer no matter what!

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