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Website Translation Solution That Also Ensures SEO, UX and Branding Consistency

User Interface Translations

  • Easy External Implementation
  • No Code Change or Database Update
  • Zero Disruption
  • No Additional Resource/ Support
  • Acts as Middleware
  • UX Driven Translation- Font, Format, Images

Driven by Expertise

  • Technology Experts
  • Language Experts
  • SEO Experts
  • UX Experts

Linguify - Features

  • Efficient Content Management
  • Quick Edits, Low Turnaround
  • Translate Static Pages, Dynamic Content, Embedded Widget Content
  • Independent of CMS, Platforms and Hosting Technologies
  • Flexibility in Translation Deployment - Section or Full Website
  • Quick and Easy Scale Up

Linguify - Benefits

  • Easy to Implement POC - In-house Hosting
  • Optimum Internet Dependency
  • Cost Effective - Single Point Solution
  • Works in Multi-Vendor Architecture
  • No Data Leaks / API Security Risks
  • Content Ownership Stays with Organization
  • Optional Multilingual Keyboard Support

Website Translation Solution for Any Business Vertical


BFSI is one of the fastest growing sectors catering to a wide audience with a strong multilingual background. As the entire banking and financial sector have moved into the online sphere, they’re forerunners in adopting new methods to reach their customers. LinguaSol aids in providing a solution to the localization they need, with their bundle of products which all aim to bridge the language barrier.


The government sector has been moving away from the physical sphere to a more digital era. The information on these sites requires being localized to meet the language requirements of their constituent member states or cross-border interactions or diplomatic relations. We are the trusted language partner for government agencies and organizations.

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At LinguaSol, we’ve got the capabilities to translate B2C platforms in multiple languages. Consider communication in the native language as magic that is equivalent to the connection that you establish with a person by speaking with him in his own language. By speaking your consumer’s language, you would create a sustainable business relationship with him and would witness the difference yourself, as these efforts of yours would translate into a better and higher number of leads in the long run.

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Enterprise/ Technology Platforms

Technology firms, to thrive, need to be adopted by the people. LinguaSol provides an opportunity to scale the biggest difference that crops up within the customers and firms, with our localisation solutions. The translation itself is manual and hence quality, standardization of terminology can be assured. With the ability to handle simple to complex programs, LinguaSol is the ideal choice to fullfil all localization needs of the Tech Industry.

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Healthcare services are the most basic of all. This establishes the primary need why healthcare documents, reports, and services must be localized. As English forms the fundamental language of medical documents, it could be a challenge for the non-English speakers to understand a lot of terms, abbreviation, definitions, and medical nomenclature. Speaking from the commercial point of view, localization gives an opportunity for healthcare providers across the world to reach the interior or remote regions of a particular country, and help them with the access to world-class healthcare facilities and information.

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Tours and Travel

Localization influences customer experience to a large extent. In the context of the travel and tourism industry, navigational ease, the ability to plan itineraries in a simple manner, and comprehend every bit of information regarding the travel plan and the terms and conditions, helps users make informed decisions, thus establishing the credibility of the travel company.

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